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Documents of Interest

Authentication system presentation
Possible applications of the authentication system
One Time Password (OTP) and the Mutual Authentication: Real time generated OTP vs stored OTP
Press release, June 2006
FinancialTech , June 2006 - DIVERSID develops a patent that increases the safety in the transactions on-line
SIC Magazine, April 2007 - DIVERSID CONSULTORÍA joins as member "Contributor" of the OATH
Enise Presentation 2008 (INTECO) - Procedure for elimination of frauds in Mobile Banking
A+)) Magazine . Auditoría y Seguridad (March 2009) - Procedure for elimination of frauds of supplanting personality
e.Security Magazine ( European Security ), n-23 - 2009 - Solutions against the frauds of supplanting personality
Enise Presentation 2009 (INTECO) - Innovating in the systems of authentication
Enise Presentation 2009 (INTECO) - The strong authentication: An indispensable requirement for the nomadic use of the TIC


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