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How does Diversid prevent Phising and Pharming frauds?

What is phising and pharming?

It is a fraud that takes place in operations carried out in a non-presential basis. It is performed by impersonating the identity of one of the participants in order to achieve the delivery of confidential data from the other participant. These details will be the ones subsequently used to carry out fraudulent operations.

This is possible due to:
the participant impersonated by the fraudster is not obliged to identify him/herself to the frauded participant
the frauded knows, and delivers to the fraudster, the details used to authenticate him/herself and operate
authentication details delivered by the frauded can be reused in future operations carried out by the fraudster

How to prevent it?

Using the patented mutual authentication system, all three items above are avoided, because:

the participant impersonated by the fraudster will have to identify him/herself through his/her key
the potential frauded does not know mutual authentication’s finalization key (third key) as long as he/she does not receive the correct key that must identify the other participant (second key), which prevents the possible delivery to fraudsters
the keys interchanged for authentication can not be reused, as they are different for each authentication operation.


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