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Authentication Solution

The authentication solutions developed are the result of the application of the authentication system under the Patent that Diversid Consultorķa S.L. markets in Europe and USA.

This Patent includes the use of three elements:

Key system: keys are one-usage only (known as OTP, or One Time Password) and randomly obtained.
Communication protocol: keys are interchanged between the two parties that participate in the authentication dialogue (example: bank and customer).
Device: the user owns the keys, which are stored in a portable device. The device can be either a token type device or the user’s own mobile phone.

Below we highlight the innovative characteristics of the solution:

It forces the two participants in the non-presential dialogue to be identified (example: bank and customer), providing the customers with an operation method that they can trust.
The key values are not obtained from a temporary variable, so there is no restriction related to response times.

Mutual authentication, together with the usage of one-time keys, is the feature that allows setting definitive barriers to the main electronic fraud methods existing today.

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